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  • Cassandra Santa Maria

How Digital Signage can push sales during Lent

Today marks the beginning of Lent for some Christians, which means seafood sales are going to increase as red meat sales decrease. So what can business owners do to promote their Lenten specials?

Digital signage is the perfect solution to inform your consumers of what you offer. Just because it is written on the menu, doesn’t mean people are seeing it. Big, beautiful photos of your seafood will not only educate your patrons on your menu items but it will also entice them to choose that option.

At impulseGUIDE, our clients easily schedule their Lenten menus yearly as to ‘set it and forget it’.  Some of our clients offer these menu items year round and want to really push them during Lent, while our other clients have items for a limited time only so they might be less known to their customers.  impulseGUIDE’s user friendly software makes promotions such as this effortless yet effective.

For more information on the impulseGUIDE Digital Signage Solution visit us at

If you want to take your business promotions to next level, contact us at or give us a call 716.474.0979.

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