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Monetize Your ImpulseGUIDE Signage: Turning a Cost into Profit

Harnessing the Power of Digital Advertising

While (IG) technology is affordably priced to ensure a swift return on investment, there's an ingenious method to not just offset, but completely cover your monthly subscription cost – or even profit from it. How? By transforming your digital signage into a dynamic advertising platform for other relevant businesses.

Offset Your Costs with Smart Advertising

Our savvy clients are already reaping the benefits of this approach. By hosting modestly priced ads and logos on their digital displays, they effectively balance out the cost of IG's monthly subscription. This strategy opens up a unique revenue stream, providing value to both your business and advertisers aiming to connect with your audience.

Value Your Audience

Your audience is a goldmine. The effort and resources you've invested in attracting a specific customer demographic make your digital signage an attractive advertising space. There are myriad companies and brands seeking to tap into the same demographic, offering an opportunity for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ideal Advertising Partners

When considering advertisers, focus on these key categories:

  • Related Products: Products that complement yours can be a natural fit.

  • Local Businesses: Leverage your local appeal. Who else wants to reach the people walking into your shop?

  • National Brands You Use: Engage with distributors during their visits to discuss potential advertising partnerships.

Setting the Price: It's Your Call

You're in control. The pricing of ad space on your digital signage is entirely up to you. To simply recover your IG service costs, a few $50/month ads could suffice. But don't limit yourself – if you have a coveted audience, it becomes a game of supply and demand. Remember, your audience, cultivated through significant investment, is valuable.

A Missed Opportunity for Many

It's surprising how few businesses leverage this strategy. Consider this: major league baseball stadiums put advertising everywhere, in front of the tens of thousands of people who have already bought tickets – a testament to the effectiveness of accessible advertising. If these large-scale operations can profit from it, there's no reason your business shouldn't too.

Learn More About Monetizing Your Signage

Interested in transforming your digital signage into a profitable advertising platform? Contact for insights and strategies to make the most of your digital displays. Your signage isn't just a cost; it's your opportunity to innovate and grow your revenue streams.

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