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Delicious Success at the Pizza Tomorrow Summit/Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

Last week, the impulseGUIDE team attended the Pizza Tomorrow Summit/Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show in Orlando, and it was nothing short of spectacular. This event wasn't just a gathering… It was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and of course, unbelievable food! Note: If you’re ever in the same town as a Pizza Tomorrow Summit… Buy a day pass. Trust us.

Our experience at the show was incredibly productive, and we're excited to share our key takeaways.

First off, let's talk numbers. We walked away with at least 25 genuine leads and numerous partnership opportunities. This alone speaks volumes about the value of the investment we made in attending the show.

Our President, Damon Piatek, delivered his educational presentation on Point-of-Decision Marketing, captivating 52 attendees with findings on the psychology and real-world application of customer decision-making. His insights into consumer behavior at the moment of purchase decision were eye-opening. Another 31 attended our Marketing Director, Craig Turner's, presentation on Using Chambers of Commerce to Grow Your Restaurant. Both sessions were not just about sharing knowledge but also about engaging in meaningful dialogues with fellow industry professionals.

A highlight of our participation was our collaboration with TechCards. Their innovative NFC-chip technology facilitated our intake form and was a big hit at the show. As a tech company, it's exciting to see how technology can seamlessly integrate into our operations in so many fruitful ways.

Now, let's dive into our takeaways:

Digital Signage: Dispelling Myths and Demonstrating Value: Many pizzerias and restaurants we spoke with are curious about digital signage but haven't made the leap. We had many opportunities on the trade show floor to dispel myths and demonstrate how storytelling through digital signage can significantly impact upselling. The potential of digital signage goes beyond “menu boards”… It's about creating a narrative that resonates with customers (and spurs action).

The Importance of Upselling: It was exhilarating to see the lightbulb moments when we discussed getting already-attracted customers to buy more. As restaurant owners, the hustle and bustle of daily operations can sometimes overshadow this simple yet potent principle: You've worked hard (and spent a lot of $$) to capture a customer's attention… The last thing you can allow them to do is buy what they came in for and leave. Upselling isn't just selling. It's enhancing the customer experience.

The Energy of Pizza Tomorrow: The folks at Pizza Tomorrow really know how to put on a show! The energy was palpable, the camaraderie infectious, and the food - simply out of this world. We're already gearing up for Pizza Tomorrow in New York come March.

Now, it's all about following up, and we're on top of it. We can't wait to connect with all the wonderful people we met at the show. If we missed you there, fear not! You can still reach out to us here. We're looking forward to exploring how digital signage can revolutionize your interactions with your customers.

In conclusion, the Pizza Tomorrow Summit/Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show was not just an event; it was a milestone for us at impulseGUIDE. It reinforced our belief in the power of community, technology, and, most importantly, the magic that happens when you combine the two.

Remember, no matter where you are across America, impulseGUIDE is your go-to for digital signage services tailored specifically to help you tell a stronger, better story, and drive customers in your shop to additional action.

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