"500% increase in Pasta Sales immediately. We have had the product text listed on our menu for a year, even a few photosnaps- once we had design & visuals on our screens & menus, boom! Sales took off" - Mike Eberhard, Bella Pizza (Lackawanna)

Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage is the perfect way for ANY business to advertise it's products, services & information to customers & staff. Digital Signage generally consists of a Digital Screen, such as an LCD or LED, that is connected to a computer or playback device. Using this medium it is much easier to provide up to date, relevant content & information can be provided faster than ever before.You can see Digital Signage anywhere from Digital Lobby Boards to Digital Menu Boards.

Why ig Digital Signage?

impulseGUIDE.com = BIG BENEFITS!

• Visually Demand Your customers Attention
• Welcome/Greet Guests w/Your Brand & Image
• Influence Customer Decisions
• Encourage & Empower Customer Retention
• Increase Product & Service Awareness
• Update Information Quickly & Easily in REAL TIME!

• Cut Down on Perceived Wait Times
• Modernize Your Guests Experience
• In Store Promotion & Entertainment
• Educate Your Guests & Staff
• Improve Accuracy & Efficiency of Ordering

Our Services

We are truly a turnkey digital signage solution


Our software contains patent pending tools that keep content fresh, with minimal effort on your part. We've made scheduling tools that make planning your marketing strategy a breeze. iG Content Subscriptions are available for all of our clients that enjoy unique, educational, and eyecatching content.


Our powerful software needed something equally structured to hold it's greatness. After searching, we finally found a worthy peice of hardware and configured our software to it. Our hardware has a 3 year warranty to keep your busy mind at ease.


Our iG Content Subscriptions are formatted specifically for our iG Software. Some are included with your software purchase, but you always have the option of adding as many subscriptions as you'd like for a low monthly fee.

We offer graphic design services if you'd like to continue using our services after your FREE inital set up!

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