impulseGUIDE offers a complete digital signage solution for any business.
Our user-friendly software is equipped with patent pending tools & our hardware
was built with an abundance of high quality content in mind.

Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage is point-of-decision communication. Whether interacting with customers or employees, patients or staff, faculty or students, digital signage is the most effective way to get a point across.
Using a digital screen, such as a LCD or LED, connected to a computer or playback device, up-to-date, relevant content and information can be provided faster than ever before.
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Dash's Market - Digital Menu Boards

Why ig Digital Signage? = BIG BENEFITS!

• Plug & Play
• Update Information Quickly & Easily in REAL TIME!
• Welcome Guests with Brand & Image
• Visually Demand Viewer Attention

• Influence Decision Making
• Reduce Perceived Wait Times
• Increase Product & Service Awareness
• Promotion & Entertainment

Our Services

We are truly a turnkey digital signage solution


Our cloud based software contains patent pending tools that keep content fresh, with minimal effort on your part. We've made scheduling tools that make planning your marketing strategy a breeze. You can access the software from any internet connection, whether you're in the office or lying on the beach!


The powerful iG software needs something equally structured to hold it's greatness. Our hardware is specially configured for our software & has a 3 year warranty to keep your busy mind at ease.


If needed, our installation team efficiently installs our systems and are educated on the different options and styles to fit our client’s needs. Whether we are installing one screen or many screens we have to tools to get the job done correctly.


Our iG Content Subscriptions are formatted specifically for our iG Software. Some are included with your software purchase, but you always have the option of adding as many subscriptions as you'd like for a low monthly fee.

We also offer graphic design services if you'd like to continue using our services after your FREE inital design set up!

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Our results are proof it works

“We have been using impulseGUIDE for over three years now. Since we have started using them our sales have gone up 20%, the reason is our customers can now see all the different items that we offer and how great they look. In our dining room we have two promo boards that show our food along with the daily and weekly specials. I have witnessed customers sitting down after ordering and then getting back up after seeing something on the promo board to come over and order it. I would recommend the impulseGUIDE to any business. They are very professional an very good to work with. They truly cater to their customers to make sure everything they want is done the way they want it. We are so happy we went with impulseGUIDE three years ago. We will continue to work with them for many years, and use them for any new projects we may do in the future.”
-Dave Rogers, Bella Pizza – Boston, N.Y.

"We have never been busier at Grasso’s and I attribute that totally to us going with impulseGUIDE. The promo board is stunning as are our menus. We get so many compliments on them and I’m so proud to have them on the counter."
-Sara O'Connor, Grasso's Pizza - Depew, N.Y.

"In July 2015 we installed the impulseGUIDE system, menus and 2 digital promo boards. In just 4 months our over-all sales increased by 15%. John & Mary's Hamburg location has been established for 40 years and we have never had results like that in the past."
-Sharon Raymond, John & Mary's - Hamburg, N.Y.