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Using Your Own impulseGUIDE Distribution System

It’s easy to look at Disney’s $71.3B purchase of FOX in 2019 as being all about the X-Men, The Simpsons and Avatar.

When you look at the amount of content that Disney was able to pull in – especially to their (at the time) fairly new streaming service, Disney+, it’s pretty astounding.

But there was a lot more to that deal than just content (despite what Deadpool fans might think), though content got the headlines.

Some other entities that came over in the deal were the controlling stake of Hulu, FX Networks and National Geographic.

While, yes, these brands came with boatloads of content, themselves, their inclusion in the deal showed that what Disney was really after in their acquisition… Was the FOX distribution system.

Which is why Disney’s biggest competition for the acquisition was Comcast.

Every entity they brought into the Disney family at the time carried with it an extensive, existing and loyal audience.

And what can you do with an extensive, existing, loyal audience that you just purchased?

Well, you can sell them other stuff.

Your Distribution System (That You Already Have)

As a successful business, you already have perhaps the most important asset that any business needs – customers.

Your customers are your distribution system, and they are about as valuable as any other piece of your strategic plan.

Your job is to feed (in the case of many impulseGUIDE clients, literally feed) that distribution system as much value as you possible can, so they continue to come back for more.

What’s great is that you’ve also taken the next step, which is signing up with impulseGUIDE for an effective way to communicate with your distribution system.

Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of this powerful tech that you’ve subscribed to, and our design services, to put in front of your customers exactly what you want them to be seeing.

Let’s call your impulseGUIDE technology and visuals your delivery system to support your distribution system.

Having both in place puts you well ahead of your competition.

What Else Can You Put in Front of Your Distribution System (and Who Would Pay You to Do It)?

Here’s where your impulseGUIDE services come in again.

We know that (1) you’ve created a distribution system and (2) you have an effective, high-tech delivery system to ensure consistent communication.

Now, let’s think about this… Who else would love to have access to your distribution and delivery system?

You’ve invested in creating your audience, and it’s almost certain – especially in the arenas that most impulseGUIDE customers play in – there are others, non-competitors, even complimentary products and services, that would love to have access to your audience.

And you have tools to give it to them.

This is what newspapers, television, magazines, social media influencers, billboards, video games, sports stadiums, NASCAR teams and everyone else that sells advertising do… They’ve invested in creating a distribution system, and then they sell access to companies who want that specific audience.

See what we’ve done? You’ve become your own media enterprise.

Now, we’re not talking about creating an advertising empire (we’re guessing you’re not set up to do that – but if it interests you, go for it!), but among related products and services that you feel provide additional value to your audience, there’s a good bet someone will be willing to rent space from you on your impulseGUIDE screens.

Think about it from their perspective: They could follow the same path you took, and put in the time, effort and investment to build their distribution and delivery system… Or, they could just tap into yours.

There’s a price for that. And it’s a price people will gladly pay.

Is it going to break the bank for you? Well, that’s not the intent – mainly because when you think about it that way, it becomes overwhelming and you’ll never get started.

But, certainly, thinking about having a complimentary company or two grab a panel or a graphic on YOUR impulseGUIDE screens for a couple hundred bucks a month – how long would it take for you to make back your monthly subscription, and maybe even your set-up costs?

Finding Partners

We’re writing this blog as though this entire process should be very easy… And, it should.

None of this is meant to imply that you’re taking on advertising prospecting, sales, billing, collections, et. al.

This is about building relationships with other entities who (a) share an audience with you, (b) offer products or services that are complementary to your offerings, and (c) are willing to pay you for some space on your impulseGUIDE marketing.

Item (b) is critical, because one of the worst things you can do to your established, loyal audience is try to sell them something they don’t want.

So, it’s not about just getting some cash.

This is where you’re different than all other media – you’re in control.

The story on your impulseGUIDE is your story… You’re in complete control of it.

You get to determine what ancillary products and services enhance your story.

Start there, and the financial piece of it will take care of itself.

impulseGUIDE Can Help

Helping to build relationships like this is something we’re good at – and we’re always up for brainstorming with our clients.

If this is something you’d like to pursue, send us a note, and we’ll toss some ideas around on how to approach – specific to your company, your niche, and the story you’re telling.

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