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impulseGUIDE Headed to Pizza Tomorrow Show – Nov 8/9 in Orlando

Will we be seeing you at the Pizza Tomorrow show in Orlando, November 8 and 9?

It will be hard to miss impulseGUIDE if you’re there!

While impulseGUIDE tech has many applications, pizza places and restaurants are our bread-and-butter, so we’re excited about the show, and the opportunity to show off how our products and services help small businesses grow.

But, when we signed up back in the spring, we didn’t realize there was more to come….

We were thrilled when the folks from Pizza Tomorrow called and let us know that they’re also adding the Florida Restaurant & Lodging show in conjunction.

Looking at the exhibitor list and floor map… It’s some line-up. Talk about added value!!!

impulseGUIDE Will Be Everywhere!

What are we excited about at Pizza Tomorrow/Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show? Well, there’s quite a bit:

First of all, our booth (#747 – right across from the big Sysco booth). We’re a tech firm, so we’re going to be techy. In fact, we have some surprises for folks that we know will open eyes and get attention. We’re working with our partners at TechCards to help us put on a show, so make sure you stop by and say hello.

Second, our president, Damon Piatek (LinkedIn), will be speaking in an educational session titled, Using Point-of-Decision Marketing to Grow Sales (and Your Company). Damon’s presentation will focus on getting the most out of a customer who’s standing right in front of you, with analysis through the lenses of psychology, marketing and economics. Attendees will learn why upselling is the fastest path to growth, through science, visuals and best practices.

Finally, remember when we said it’ll be hard to miss impulseGUIDE if you’re there? impulseGUIDE is providing digital signage for the show, itself. Our screens and software will be placed at strategic locations throughout the Orange County Convention Center, providing information, news, updates and wayfinding for attendees. We are thrilled to be partnering with Pizza Tomorrow and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show to help make the two-day event a better experience for everyone attending.

Can’t Make the Pizza Tomorrow Show?

It’s the reality for small businesses like pizzerias and restaurants – sometimes getting away for two days just isn’t in the cards.

Everyone’s busy, and seemingly busier than ever right now.

No worries… If you’re wondering if impulseGUIDE’s digital signage solutions can boost your sales and help grow your business (they can!), don’t wait for the show – send us a note now, and we’ll get you the information you need.

If you can’t make it to Orlando in November, and would like to see Damon’s presentation on Point-of-Decision Marketing, let us know and we’ll set something up with you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pizza Tomorrow and Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show, November 8-9 in Orlando!!!!!

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