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There’s Digital Signage, and There’s Digital Signage that Works!

If you go out anywhere in society, you know by now that digital signage is a thing.

In fact, you’re probably seeing it in a lot of different places, particularly after the pandemic, a time when “touchless” marketing because more important.

But, not all digital signage systems are the same, and at impulseGUIDE, despite the fact that others seems to have “caught up” with us, we’re still pretty darn confident that our service and technology will do the job better for you, in a cost-effective way, day-in and day-out.

So, what does your impulseGUIDE signage, and our proprietary software and professional design services, allow you do to set yourself apart?

Steer Your Customers Toward the Products You Want Them to Buy

We believe the hallmark of impulseGUIDE's technology is the ability for our users to put in front of their customers exactly what they want them to see.

Whether it’s high-margin items, new products, upcoming events, important news or your most aesthetically-pleasing offerings, you have the control to steer their decision-making where you want it to go.

The hardest part of customer attraction today is getting their attention in a noisy world.

Well, you’ve already got their attention – they’re in your place of business.

So, let’s take advantage of it by using impulseGUIDE to tell the story that you want to tell.

Tell Your Story – Keep Your Communications Fresh

Moreover, don’t forget that your impulseGUIDE service comes with monthly design hours.

We’re very proud of this, because it’s not something you’ll get from purchasing a USB drive to stick in the side of your televisions.

No, the design hours as part of your service were intentionally implemented to make sure that you can keep your message and your story fresh.

We use our professional design services and expertise with digital signage in the field to help you create the best communications channel possible with your customers.

Yes, even your repeat customers.

Instead of people visiting you and seeing the same story as the month before (and the month before that), you get to have a real conversation with them over time.

Be Flexible – Keep Your Communications Fluid

We’re marketing people, so for us there’s not much worse than when you walk into a business and they’ve run out of a menu item for the day, so the staff has taken it upon themselves to print out a sign and paste it over the menu item.

Makes us want to claw our eyes out.

But, it happens, and digital signage is an obvious solution for situations just like this.

It’s important, however, that your digital signage works for you, and provides the tools you need to be flexible.

With your impulseGUIDE service, changes you need to make are easy and fast – in fact, you can make them yourself.

If it’s a bigger change, getting your presentation up-to-date is a phone call away, and our design team is on it.

Enhancing Your Brand through impulseGUIDE

There’s a reason that beyond digital signage, impulseGUIDE offers design services for any other medium.

It’s not just because we’re really good at design (and we are!), or because we saw opportunities for related lines of business.

We believe that the better you integrate your digital signage with your overall brand, the more powerful it’s going to be for you.

Which is why the one-stop-shop concept is so important for us – because we want your digital signage to be consistent with the story you’re telling everywhere… Your web site, your printed materials, your external advertising – they all work together to keep your customers coming back for more.

What do you need your digital signage to do for you?


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