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"In July 2015 we installed the impulseGUIDE system, menus & 2 digital promo boards. In just 4 months our over-all sales increased by 15%. John & Mary's Hamburg location has been established for 40 years & we have never had results like that in the past."
- Sharon Raymond, Owner of John & Mary's

Our Software

Built to keep content fresh.

iG Software Tools

impulseGUIDE’s patent-pending in-house custom-designed software is remarkable and truly one-of-a-kind, accomplishing what no other software on the market can provide. The iG system is the only fully integrated system available on the market. We are proud to have designed this software from the ground-floor. Patent pending tools provide unrivaled performance and capabilities to display fresh, enticing content with minimal effort from the user. Scheduling tools make it a breeze to plan all variety of communication, whether to customers or clients, employees or students, patients or visitors. A multitude of pre-made iG content subscriptions are available to add unique, educational, and eye-catching content. The ways in which the iG system can be utilized are endless. Let us help you start the journey!

iG Software Licensing Package Includes:
• Non-exclusive rights and permission to utilize iG Software platform
• One time hands-on personal training on software functionality and tools at client location or iG studio
• Access to iG user manual and tutorial videos
• Data storage and archiving of iG-created content files up to 10 GB
• Lifetime software upgrades, updates, and patches
• One hour non-transferable, non-rollover, screen content design services per month

iG Software Manual

To download our iG Software Manual or to gain access to our iG Software Video Tutorials
please contact us at 716.474.0979 or

Our Hardware

Built to handle powerful content.

iG Hardware

impulseGUIDE’s fully integrated total solution to digital signage is here! Your dream of a world where hardware, software, and content work seamlessly together has been realized. Stop searching. You have found point-of-decision communication perfection. Other offerings are merely part of a puzzle you are left to figure out on your own; does this software work with that hardware and vice-versa. This is why iG took on the vision of creating a complete solution. All parts of the iG system were created and developed to our specific and exacting standards, rigorously tested, and are designed to interact together in harmony for peak performance.

• Thoughtfully constructed hardware with hand-picked components to guarantee world class performance
• Our specific configuration of this high performance computer will deftly manage playback of iG's high quality and
quantity of content without the inconveniences of crashing, skipping, and random popups
• Supports our in-house, custom-designed software with ease
• Conveniently space-saving and ultra slim standing a mere 1.3” tall
• Supports dual independent displays at 1080p with wireless capabilities
• Chassis is equipped with custom heat sinks thermally optimized for the 4th generation Intel® Core™
processor family and the Intel® Pentium® processor
• Hardware is built to last and has a 3 year warranty to prove it

Our Content

Built to keep customers coming back.


Our content does more than just advertise products and services. Let our professional media designers take your business to the next level by giving your digital signage a specific look and feel to reinforce your brand and promote customer loyalty. iG can create anything your business requires from custom menus, to logo branded ads and textboards. We have the years of experience and technology to cost effectively create content that will entice, engage, and educate your viewers.

iG Content Creation


Nothing will catch your viewer’s eye more than movement on a screen. With iG Animation, we can create custom animations and graphics that reinforce your brand and keep viewers entertained. We can efficiently create digital signage animations to fit all of your needs. Animations are designed to work directly with your iG Master Control Software. 60 seconds after you place this dynamic content into your playlist it displays on your screen, and will start grabbing the attention of your viewers!


Big, beautiful pictures get noticed! Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This is why the iG Photographers are on hand and ready to take photos of your products and services. Using stock photography for your unique products and services doesn’t do them justice. We want you to stand out from the crowd and our iG Photography Service can do that for you.

iG Photography


Video is the perfect format to showcase products. Products are real: you can see them, touch them and video is a visual format, allowing you to ‘show and tell’ just about anything anyone needs to know. Videos also work to grab the attention of your viewer and, when done right, videos elicit positive emotions, brand associations as well as build trust. Our iG professionals can capture your products and display them as they should be seen. Don't miss out on this critical component to any marketing compaign. At iG we have the technology and expertise to make any product look it’s best.


iG Content Subscriptions are a fun entertaining addition to any iG System. Break up your businesses content while boosting viewer interest and engagement. We have many iG Content Subscriptions to choose from such as Holidays (pictured), Fascinating Facts, Tours Around the World, Dental Facts, Health & Wellness, and many more. Choose an iG Content Subscription that might relate to your type of business to entertain and educate your viewers.

iG Content Subscriptions

Emergency Alert Add-on

We've partnered with Alertus to supply our clients with the best Emergency Alert System available.


The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System is a powerful and flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with and sends potentially life-saving alerts across your organization’s existing infrastructure and technology, including desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP phones, digital signage, mobile devices, fire panels, and more. Ask us how you can receive these amazing services!

Other Services

Marketing Print Materials, Websites, Logo Creation

Marketing Print Materials

• Banners
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Door Hangers
• Envelopes 
• Flyers 
• Labels 
• Letterheads 
• Magnets 
• Menus 

Marketing Print Materials

• Packaging Products
• Postcards
• Promotional Products
• Presentation Folders
• Sell Sheets
• Stickers
• Table Tent Cards
• Trade Show Materials
• Window Clings
• & More!

Website Design

We create eye-catching websites that are easily updated by our clients or by our employees - whatever suits their needs! Make a fantastic first impression with a website that draws people in & also provides necessary information about your products & services.

Website Design Care Cases of WNY

Logo Creation

An extraordinary logo is memorable, yet simple. Allow our designers to help bring the logo you've been searching for to life!
Contact us today at 716.474.0979 for a free consultation to see if we are a right fit for your business.

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