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impulseGUIDE has been granted a patent pending for its innovation in location-based media presentation. The approaches, which reflect elements of the firms digital signage and dynamic media offerings, are applicable to providing high, cost-effective consumer messages in food services, retail and other environments where people shop, purchase, gather, wait, travel and receive services.

“Our innovations are intended to serve three groups” said Frank C Pusateri, CEO/Creative Director ofimpulseGUIDE, “Our first objective is to serve end users who will use digital media on their premises to achieve increased revenues, customer loyalty and profitability. The solution will be very attractive to brands and merchants looking to support their branding and merchandising success, as well as that of their delivery partners. Food and beverage providers to food services establishment will appreciate the capabilities of the impulseGUIDE solution to promote their products in meeting consumers needs and wants”.

“Thirdly” noted Pusateri, “The solution is very well suited to technology providers, resellers and sign providers that look to serve these end users”. “Our innovations enable technology and service and service supply in a way that enables ongoing revenue achievement for technology and services providers”.

The impulseGUIDE solution serves many existing needs and has been engineered to assure “future-proofing” through the addition of functions as the use of digital signage advances.

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